George Stainforth biography coming 2017

George Stainforth biography coming 2017

Many of the stranger features of George’s life (seen here sitting at his mother’s feet, front left) can be traced back to his being brought up in a very strict evangelical Christian family, which eventually led to his becoming distanced, if not estranged, from his parents. His elder brother, Archie, on the left, and younger brother, Moxon, sitting on his mother’s lap, likewise both entered careers that took them far overseas. A fourth brother, David, is sitting in a striped jersey on the right.

George’s mother, Mary, was part of the large Glover family seen on the right. Next to her is her younger sister, Ellen, and then her father, the Rev. Richard Glover. Next, her brother Sydney, an accomplished artist, then her mother, Sarah, then brother Rev. Archie (A.E.) Glover and his son, then David Stainforth in the striped sweater, then sister Ethel, and finally Rev. Archie’s second wife, May and their young daughter.

The picture was taken at Wotton Rectory (Rev. Richard Glover’s home), almost certainly by George’s father, George Staunton Stainforth, on the occasion of Rev. Richard and Sarah’s Golden Wedding anniversary in 1905.

As with all such family group portraits, it is intriguing to consider what differing lives they all lived, and what differing life spans. Without giving too much away, I shall simply say that Ethel lived to the age of a hundred, and one of them died at the age of just six.

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