The Disunited Kingdom

The Disunited Kingdom

Here I shall be posting some of the better articles I’ve read on the ongoing British nightmare that David Cameron has bequeathed to us

Brexit and our cultural identity.
After the vote
The historian Mary Beard reflects on whether Brexit will change our cultural identity
BBC Radio4 A Point of View

Brexit and our cultural identity. Mary Beard. BBC Radio4 A Point of View


Remain Supporters’ Despair Over EU Referendum Results ‘Nailed’ By FT Reader

Why the North of England will regret voting for Brexit

I want my country back
by Laurie Penny

Statement from the under 18 students of ‘The Telegraph Festival of Education’

Brexit fantasy is about to come crashing down
Fintan O’Toole. The Irish Times

Fearful in the historic disaster
by Stefan Cornelius, Süddeutsche Zeitung

A moving Tweet
by Sorana Goga

Britain’s Democratic Failure
by Kenneth Rogoff, Prof. of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard University.

A reminder of what Boris said:
A reminder of what the Leave campaign said:
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