Peter Stainforth talks about his war days

Peter Stainforth talks about his war days

In the course of researching the biography I’m writing about air ace George Stainforth, I’ve unearthed a recording of my father, Peter Stainforth, talking about his war years to the author Ian Mackersey in April 2000.

My plane was shot down shortly after I jumped. Just before before we jumped the plane was hit. A big gaping hole appeared in the cabin roof. All twenty of us got out, but the plane never got back to North Africa.

It is a wonderfully concise summary of his entire service with the Red Berets from 1942-45. Although I had heard these stories before, I am so glad that it was recorded in this way. Here is the full 11 1/2 minute unedited extract:

Peter Stainforth with the 1st Parachute Squadron, 1942-45.

Peter Stainforth died in December 2017 at the age of 96. More details of his war service and the paintings and drawings he did at the time may be found here: Peter Stainforth.

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