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Zbigniew Kotowicz : 1950 - 2017

Zbigniew Kotowicz : 1950 – 2017

Psychologist, Philosopher, Intellectual Pilgrim I was shocked to discover yesterday that my old friend, the philosopher and psychologist, Zbigniew Kotowicz, had died last September of…

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How to keep back beauty from vanishing away?

How to keep back beauty from vanishing away?

In this extraordinary, alarming new age, in which the western world seems suddenly to be retreating from the core values of civilisation – reason, love,…

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A Pandora's Box: 'George' update, June 2016

A Pandora’s Box: ‘George’ update, June 2016

On January 22nd I received an extraordinary big orange box from New Zealand containing archive material relating to the final years of my air speed…

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