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The Breakers of Britain - my view of the Brexiters

The Breakers of Britain – my view of the Brexiters

On the UK Climbing website that I frequent, the subject of the EU referendum has loomed large in recent threads in the ‘Down the Pub’…

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A Pandora's Box: 'George' update, June 2016

A Pandora’s Box: ‘George’ update, June 2016

On January 22nd I received an extraordinary big orange box from New Zealand containing archive material relating to the final years of my air speed…

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‘George’ project update, Xmas 2015

‘George’ project update, Xmas 2015

I have now been toiling away on my huge project of a biography of my great uncle, George Stainforth, aviator extraordinary, since the beginning of 2011….

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